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Does your business need a website or a makeover on an already built site?
Does your business need help creating and/or maintaining a social media presence? We do Facebook and instagram covers and content creation.
Does your business need help creating a business brand from the bottom up? Logo, website, and full brand creation?
Sometimes a business is experiencing great success, but the design on the site is old, or doesn't flow to match social media. Does your business have growing pains? Do you need Creations by Candace to look over the entire business model, and identify areas that need improvement? We can help identify problems that are keeping your business from reaching the next level. Such as design issues, gaps in the sale process, untapped opportunities, lack of organization. We can help you identify problems, make strategies to bridge those gaps, and help your business implement those strategies company wide. Do you need this type of consultation?
How much traffic do you expect the website to receive per month?